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If you have reinstalled Starshow or any of the Starlasers programs and are now getting error messages about missing DLL files, click here to down load all of the DLL files needed. The DLL files are in a ZIP archive.

If you have Windows XP or later you should be able to open the folder with Windows Explorer. Other wise you will need a program that can read ZIP files, such as WinZip.

After extracting the DLL files from the ZIP archive, put them in the same directory as the Starlasers programs.

For more information about Starlasers and photos from our shows, download our fact sheet.
The tablet files are in Adobe Photoshop format and can be viewed & printed with the latest Quicktime player. The tablet overlays are 12" by 12" when printed. You will need a large format printer to print the tablet overlays.
For the latest tablet overlay for StarEdit click on tablet.
For the latest tablet overlay with grid click on tablet with grid.
To download Quicktime from the Apple web site click download Quicktime.

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